Filling and capping solution for the cosmetic industry

8 August 2023

Our Linear Monobloc combines both filling and capping in one single machine.

This is the perfect filling and capping solution for the cosmetic industry.

A monobloc is a cost efficient solution, suggested when we have space constrains on the packaging line and multiple products need to be managed.

The filling technology is usually through magnetic flow meters or mass flow meters (mass measuring/mass dosers) but also piston pumps are available, both controlled through a pneumatic system or brushless motors;

Mass flow-meters are particularly suitable when handling liquid products without electrical conductivity, such as oils, lotions, creams etc. Piston volume filling on the other hand provide enormous benefits in hazardous areas and/ or with high viscosity products.

The filling section in our MRL can be implemented with our latest technology that we call “ Continuous Motion Technology” (walking beam) and our Robotic application.

Rejves has been developing specialized capping turrets for over 20 years. The capping section of this Monobloc can be both linear or rotary, depending on the output speed and flexibility required. Whenever the capping turret is upgraded with torque control provided with servo motors (brushless motors), the torque will be easily adjusted through the HMI.

On the other hand, whenever the capping turret is completely managed by servo motors, we can manage the torque as well as the virtual cam on the HMI. Because of this we call it “future proof”, meaning that it will be capable to handle any bottle height and style of cap during the complete lifespan of the machine.

Linear Monoblocs are compact solutions that combine the ease of use with the maximum flexibility in terms of changeover and access to the machine. As a matter of fact, format changeparts are completely tool-less and very quick to operate.

The machine can be supplied in food grade, ATEX and corrosion proof versions.

This Linear Monobloc is indicated for a broad range of applications; from food & beverage, home & personal care, to pharmaceutical & cosmetics as well as industrial & chemical.

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You can check our catalogues both online, through the Issuu Platform here, or you can confortably download the pdfs visiting our linear monobloc section here.

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