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Flow Meters
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Up to 120 Bottles per Minute


Linear Monoblocs combine the ease of use with the maximum flexibility in terms of changeover and access to the machine. We define Monobloc the packaging machine that combines both filling and capping in one single basament. These cost efficient solutions are suggested when multiple products need to be managed in the same packaging line.


Up to 120 BPM

The filling section in our MRL can be implemented with our latest technologies like CMT or DDT as well as our Robotic application. Optional mass flow meter technology (Mass Measuring/Mass Dosers) as well as piston pumps are available. Mass flow-meters are particularly suitable when handling liquid products without electrical conductivity, such as oils, lotions, creams etc. Piston volume filling on the other hand provide enormous benefits in hazardous areas and/or with high viscosity products. The capping section can be both linear or rotary, depending on the output volume and flexibility required.

The machine can be supplied in food grade, ATEX, Anti Acid and Aseptic Versions.

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