Electronic Trigger Pump Capping Machine

20 April 2021

Trigger pump capping machine are a perfect example of our company's top production. Infact Rejves Machinery Srl have specialized itself, over the years, in liquid filling and capping systems.

Rejves Machinery has developed several patents to achieve performances that our competitors can only dream of.

A great example of this our our electronic capping machines and capping turrets for trigger pumps.

From a speed of 2.400 to 12.000 bottles per hour our TR-TA, trigger pump capping machine can outperform most of our competitors.

The key features of our solution are, first of all, the complete flexibility, infact not only we can cap trigger pumps, but also dispenser/hand pumps, sprayers, mini triggers as well as flip tops and screw caps.

Second, our changeover times are equal or below 15 minutes.

Third we have complete reliability and control of the capping:

Each capping head, infact, is supported by a vertical motion group, which, in this version (electronic cam) is commanded by servo-motors independently controlled.

This allows to “draw” a specific cam for each type of closure, memorize it in a recipe with all parameters and recall it any time you work a certain cap.

The parameters are:

  1. Stretching and insertion of the diptube.
  2. Synchronism of the vertical movement during the capping phase following the precise pitch of the thread.
  3. Anti-clockwise rotation for the "bedding" of the thread.
  4. Capping with pitch perfect torque
  5. Anti-clockwise rotation with 90% of the torque to verify that the cap was correctly placed and tightened.
  6. In the case of the snap on trigger, our servo action allows to generate kinetic energy necessary for the assembling with the bottle

Fourth, being able to have complete control of the capping, we can produce detailed reports for all the processes for the client to have and save. Every container with every aspect of its production history!

visit our capping machine section and check our capping machine's catalogue... it's free to download!


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