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Electronic monohead capping machine
15 February 2018

Electronic monohead capping machine with bottle orientation

Rejves is now testing a new electronic monohead capping machine with servomotor for the rotation of the capping head and torque control. Automatic feeding system for caps complet of: elevator, sorter and cap chute. The machine is equiped with a bottle orientating device with servomotor at the exit of the starwheel, after the capping phase. The mach...

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Mechanical cap feeder
15 December 2017

Mechanical cap feeder diameter 800mm

Mechanical cap feeder diameter 800mm, suitable for production speed up to 120 Bpm. The sorter is connected with a C-curve and air chute with air blower. The cap sorter is supported by a height-adjustable column....

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Multi-station capping machine
24 November 2017

Case History Multi-station capping machine - Mexico

A new market, a new contact born at the Expo Pack Mexico fair in May 2016. A new challenge that Rejves' engineering team welcomed, confident that also this time they would succeeded in designing a standard capping machine. Since the beginning, our team listened carefully to the customer's needs, analyzed and studied the materials used for bottles a...

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Multi-station filling machine
25 September 2017


Rotary monohead capping machine suitable for snap-on caps and threaded caps. No. 3 capping stations. No. 3 cap sorters + No. 3 elevators + No. 3 cap chutes. Production speed 2100 Bph. Possibility to work with multiple stations during the same production cycle. Multiple bottle formats, suitable also for big formats (5-10 litres). Up to thr...

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Flip-top caps with logo
01 September 2017

Give your caps a sense!

Orientating system with camera for square flip-top caps with sign/logo to be oriented By using an orientating system with camera, placed along the cap chute, we are able to read the sign or the logo and orientate caps so that the exit che cap chute all in the same position and with the sign or logo facing the same direction. See the video...

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