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Electronic rotary capping machine for trigger
10 May 2018

Electronic rotary capping machine for trigger

The new generation of electronic capping machines Rejves for trigger includes: ELECTRONIC CAM for the stretching of the diptube SERVOMOTORS for each capping head for the closure and torque control GRIPPERS for the trigger (Rejves patent) All the above guarantees flexibility, quick changeover of the format and customization of the production...

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Monoblock filling and capping
16 March 2018

Small production batches? Frequent format changeover? Low budget?

MONOBLOCK MOD. MBI FOR FILLING AND CAPPING Filling with peristaltic pump/syringes/flowmeters Capping with magnetic cluth or in electronic version Suitable to close ROPP, threaded caps, plugs, pipette, roll-on, dispenser, mini-trigger and trigger Production speed up to 50 BPM Quick changeover without tools Compact solution CIP/SIP provision...

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Monoblock for pharmaceutical
26 February 2018

Rejves presents the monoblock mod. "MBRF-NW-4/2"

Monoblock equipped with net-weight filling turret with 4 nozzles, weight controlled by load cell at each filling position, capping turret with 2 magnetic capping heads, automatic feeding group for caps. Production speed 50 Bpm. Main characteristics: Parts in contact with the product in AISI 316L In compliance with 2006/42/CE Machine Regulatio...

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Electronic monohead capping machine
15 February 2018

Electronic monohead capping machine with bottle orientation

Rejves is now testing a new electronic monohead capping machine with servomotor for the rotation of the capping head and torque control. Automatic feeding system for caps complet of: elevator, sorter and cap chute. The machine is equiped with a bottle orientating device with servomotor at the exit of the starwheel, after the capping phase. The mach...

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Mechanical cap feeder
15 December 2017

Mechanical cap feeder diameter 800mm

Mechanical cap feeder diameter 800mm, suitable for production speed up to 120 Bpm. The sorter is connected with a C-curve and air chute with air blower. The cap sorter is supported by a height-adjustable column....

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