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Rejves presents the monoblock mod. "MBRF-NW-4/2"

26 February 2018

Monoblock equipped with net-weight filling turret with 4 nozzles, weight controlled by load cell at each filling position, capping turret with 2 magnetic capping heads, automatic feeding group for caps.

Production speed 50 Bpm.

Main characteristics:

  • Parts in contact with the product in AISI 316L
  • In compliance with 2006/42/CE Machine Regulation
  • Pressurization system to fill high viscosity products
  • CIP/SIP predisposition
  • Quick changeover for the equipment without using tools
  • Tri-clamp attacks
  • Dip-tray around the base with product waste tube
  • System "no bottle/no fill" and "no bottle/no cap"
  • Filling precision Sigma1=+/- 1gr on 1000gr
  • Built according GMP rules
  • IQ/OQ Validation
  • Accessorized for CFR 21 Part 11

Suitable to fill liquids and creams for pharmaceutical, cosmetics and chemical sector.

Monoblock for pharmaceutical