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Rotary capping machines

Rejves rotary capping machine is used to work on medium and high productions, with a speed range that can vary from 50 up to 600 BpM.

These capping machines are extremely flexible and versatile and are able to work any kind of closure, from screw on to snap on cap, from dispenser to trigger pumps and push-pull cap. They are also modular as they can be integrated with different new bottles and caps at a later time.

Rejves rotary cappers are completely customizable according to customer’s requirements, both in case they are inserted in a new production line or integrated in a in an existent one. During the design process, our technical department together with customer will study the best solutions to insert the machine into production plant.

These cappers are able to work different kind of containers, from the smallest ones, which are typical of cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry, to the biggest tanks for oil or detergents.

Rotary cappers are equipped with a variable numbers of heads according to the production speed of the machine, from a minimum of 2 heads up to 20 heads.

It is possible to adapt the layout of the machine to customer’s needs so that the machine is completely customizable: for example, the machine can work clockwise or anticlockwise, the cap feeder can be mounted above or beside the machine according the kind of cap to be worked and the production speed required.

Rejves Rotary Cappers can be integrated with a great variety of optional which increase the performance of the machine and can fulfill specific requests.

Rotary capping machine
Rotary capping machine
Rotary capping machine

Technical data

  • Caps distribution with Pick & Place system
  • Capping heads with permanent magnets or magnetic hysteresis
  • Positive grip chucks
  • Turret with adjustable height for different bottles
  • PLC automation management
  • Caps feeders placed above or next to the machine
  • Air or conveyor caps chutes
  • No bottle-No cap system


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