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Monohead capping machines

The machine for capping with velocity production up to 50bpm

The Rejves monohead capping machine proposed here is used especially for low productions, up to a maximum speed of 50 BPM. This machinery is suitable for all product sectors and it can be used for closure of pre-threaded caps, snap-on caps, ROPP, dispenser and trigger pumps (manual loading).

Monohead capping machine
Monohead capping machine
Monohead capping machine

Technical data

  • Max production 50 BpM
  • Caps distribution with Pick & Place system
  • No bottle-No cap system
  • Caps feeders placed above or next to the machine
  • Capping heads with permanent magnets or magnetic hysteresis up to 10 Nm
  • Positive grip chucks
  • Electronic version with servo-motor for rotation of capping heads
  • Movement of Pick & Place and rotation central starwheel
  • Intermitter in oil totally closed
  • PLC automation management


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Why choose it?

The main objective of Rejves is to ensure that each customer obtains a product useful to improve their productivity. To achieve this result, the company proposes here a monohead capping machine with very high processing speed, which allows a greater production than a linear single-head capper, which reaches a maximum of just 30bpm. Moreover, thanks to the use of an intermittent system in an oil bath for the movement of the starwheel, the customer will avoid maintenance and greasing operations.

Customization for every work activity

Another main point of Rejves is to let each customer receive a machine that fully reflects their needs. Precisely for this reason, it is possible to customize the capping machine according to the formats used for the work the client company must do. Among the large number of features available, it is possible request:

  • Automatic plug feeding system
  • Manual filling system of the caps on the chute or directly on the neck of the bottle

In addition to the possibility of obtaining the machine with IQ / OQ / PQ validation for the pharmaceutical sector and CFR21 Part 11, Rejves offers the following three different versions:

  • Mechanics
  • Hybrid (mechanical cam and servo motor for the capping head)
  • Electronics (electronic cam and servomotor for the capping head)

The last one is equipped with brushless motors that drive and check all capping operations (Screwing torque control; Control of the number of turns; Clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation; Press-on cap orientation).

The spare parts available for this machine

To offer a high professional support to its customers, furthermore, Rejves also provides a user and maintenance manual with a complete list of spare parts for the monohead capping machines. During the ordering moment, instead, it is possible to obtain a spare parts kit recommended by the company.