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Monohead capping machines

Rejves monohead capping machine is used especially for low productions, up to a maximum speed of 50 BpM.

These machines are equipped with magnetic clutch – permanent or hysteresis – to check the closing torque of the cap.

Rejves Monohead Capping Machines have no bottle – no cap system which allows the distribution and screwing of the cap only in case of presence of the bottle.

The distribution of the cap is through a Pick & Place system that guarantees a smooth and precise transfer of each cap from the chute to the capping head.

The cap feeder is mounted above the turret or beside the machine according to production needs and customer requests. Indeed, the layout of the machine is customizable and it is studied and agreed together with the customer.

The conveyor transfers the bottles intermittently to the capping head through a starwheel, which is moved by a mechanical oil lubricated indexing system that does not require maintenance.

The height of the capping turret can be adjusted manually in order to work bottles with different heights.

On the structure of the Monohead Capping Machine is possible to mount additional capping turrets, which are suitable to apply different caps, one after the other, such as a cap and its cover.

The electronic version of Rejves Monohead Capper is equipped with brushless motors that drive and check all capping operations:

  • Screwing torque control
  • Control of the number of turns
  • Clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation
  • Press-on cap orientation

All the parameters are adjustable directly on the HMI panel.

Monohead capping machine
Monohead capping machine
Monohead capping machine

Technical data

  • Max production 50 BpM
  • Caps distribution with Pick & Place system
  • No bottle-No cap system
  • Caps feeders placed above or next to the machine
  • Capping heads with permanent magnets or magnetic hysteresis up to 10 Nm
  • Positive grip chucks
  • Electronic version with servo-motor for rotation of capping heads
  • Movement of Pick & Place and rotation central starwheel
  • Intermitter in oil totally closed
  • PLC automation management