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Rotary monoblock net-weight filling and capping

The machine designed for filling liquid and capping of different type of caps


Among the different products offered within its catalog, Rejves manufactures rotary monoblock net-weight filling and capping, a machine designed by high trained professional for filling liquid and viscous products and capping of pre-threaded caps, flip-top caps, dispenser pumps, snap-on caps and trigger.

Rotary monoblock net-weight filling and capping

Technical data

  • Parts in contact with the product in AISI 316L
  • In compliance with 2006/42/CE Machine Regulation
  • Pressurization system to fill high viscosity products
  • CIP/SIP predisposition
  • Quick changeover for the equipment without using tools
  • Tri-clamp attacks
  • Dip-tray around the base with product waste tube
  • System "no bottle/no fill" and "no bottle/no cap"
  • Filling precision Sigma1=+/- 1gr on 1000gr
  • Built according GMP rules
  • IQ/OQ Validation is available
  • Accessorized, if requested, for CFR 21 Part 11

Why choosing it?

First of all, the net-weight filler machines guarantee an optimal filling precision (Sigma2 = + - 1gr on 1000gr), which allows an overall saving on the quantity of filled product. Furthermore, by integrating the filling part with the capping part, in the monobloc it will be possible to reduce the occupied space and manage both packaging phases from a single operator panel.

Is it possible to customize the machine?

For those working in the references sectors, in order to get the best production performances, it is important to have a machine designed to fulfil their needs. Precisely for this reason, Rejves offers a customization service for its filling and capping machines, which leads to:

  • Customized changeparts for bottle and cap formats
  • Pressurization kit for the filling tank to fill products with viscosity higher than 15.000cps

It is also possible to purchase an equipment suitable to handle products and materials compatible with GMP standards and to offer the optional of IQ / OQ / PQ validation for cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies. Finally, it is possible to accessorize the machine with CFR21 Part 11.

Which are the spare parts offered?

To fully satisfy customers' needs, in addition to the warranty year, which is offered directly by Rejves, a kit of recommended spare parts is available for the machine to be requested at the time of purchase. Alternatively, it will be possible to order individual spare parts, identifying them on the list provided with the user and maintenance manual.