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Rotary capping machine for trigger pumps

Trigger capping machines with speed from 40 to 400 BpM

Rejves rotary cappers are machines used to apply trigger pumps on medium and high productions, with a speed range that can vary from 40 up to 400 BpM. These trigger capping machines are designed to apply trigger pumps although they are extremely flexible and versatile and are able to work different kinds of closure. They are also modular as they can be integrated with different new bottles and caps at a later time.

As all Rejves rotary cappers, these trigger capping machines are completely customizable according to customer’s requirements: for example, the layout of the capping system is adapted to customer’s facilities, the machine can work clockwise or anticlockwise, cap feeder may be placed beside, in front or behind the machine. The capping machines are suitable to work different kind of containers, from smallest to biggest ones. According to the production speed required, the cappers are equipped with a variable number of heads.

The transfer of each trigger pump from the chute to the capping heads is done by a Pick&Place device that includes a transfer starwheel, which feeds the pumps one at a time to the capping heads. The trigger transfer starwheel is manufactured in a way so that it can be adjusted according to the different dip tube lengths by using spacers. The trigger pump enters the pick and place starwheel where a gripper, which is mechanically commanded, takes them.

The pick and place starwheel that handles the trigger pump is composed by a series of grippers and “dynamic plates” which moves vertically downwards in order to allow the dip tube insertion into the bottle. In order to allow a correct and precise dip tube insertion the pick and place counter starwheel has a small cavity in front of each plate that is used to straighten the dip tube while the plate is going down. Rejves Rotary Cappers and trigger capping machines can be integrated with a great variety of optional which increase the performance of the machine and can fulfill specific requests.

Technical data

Technical data of trigger capping machines

  • Caps distribution with Pick & Place system
  • Turret with adjustable height for different bottles
  • PLC automation management
  • Trigger pumps chute with air
  • No pump – No capping
  • No bottle-No cap system

Optional trigger capping machines

  • Electric panel made of Stainless steel AISI 304
  • Missing or high caps detector with machine stop in case of error
  • Traction head for the conveyor
  • Idle head for the conveyor
  • Surcharge for color touch screen Siemens 7”
  • Quick release starwheel system
  • Dip tray around the base of the machine with a product waste pipe
  • Set guides to bypass capper when not in use
  • Anti-spinning group for round bottles
  • Control system diptube
  • Reject system on additional conveyor belt
  • Router for remote assistance
  • Jog button
  • Status lights
  • Alarm