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Linear filling machines


Rejves linear filling machines use volumetric filling technology with flowmeters.

They are suitable for food products, cosmetics, home-care products and personal care, industrial oils.

Available in 3 verisons:

  • CL: with screw for conatiners having special geometrical shapes
  • CA: with mechanical blocks for stable containers
  • BM: with movable desk for nozzles on the x axis (it follows the bottle during transport)

Linear filling machines

Technical data

  • Speed from 30 Bpm up to 100 Bpm
  • Filling volume from 20ml up to 1000ml
  • Suitable to fill liquid, thik and foamy products with nozzles that enter the bottle and follow the filling level
  • Quick change format with easy adjustment and fast substitutions
  • Magnetic or mass flowmeters
  • Valves with pneumatic control
  • Nozzles with membrane seals to FDA standards completely in AISI 316L
  • Customized user interface
  • 40lt tank pressurized to 0,5 BAR complete with temperature probe, safety valve, sphere for internal washing and level sensor
  • Automatic height regulation
  • Base completely in AISI 304
  • Diptray to collect washing product
  • Internal and external CIP