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Linear filling machines

The machine with volumetric filling technology


In this section Rejves proposes the linear filling machines that use a volumetric filling technology with flowmeters. Used to fill liquid and viscous products up to 25 liters, at speeds up to 100bpm, they are suitable for food products, cosmetics, home-care products and personal care, industrial oils.

Linear filling machines

Technical data

  • Speed from 30 Bpm up to 100 Bpm
  • Filling volume from 20ml up to 1000ml
  • Suitable to fill liquid, thik and foamy products with nozzles that enter the bottle and follow the filling level
  • Quick change format with easy adjustment and fast substitutions
  • Magnetic or mass flowmeters
  • Valves with pneumatic control
  • Nozzles with membrane seals to FDA standards completely in AISI 316L
  • Customized user interface
  • 40lt tank pressurized to 0,5 BAR complete with temperature probe, safety valve, sphere for internal washing and level sensor
  • Automatic height regulation
  • Base completely in AISI 304
  • Diptray to collect washing product
  • Internal and external CIP


The benefits of using it

Rejves pays great attention to the creation of its machineries, developing highly technological solutions, which are able to improve the efficiency of customers production systems. Thanks to this approach, the MLF-08-FM model proposed here is a linear filling machine that offer the advantage to use less parts for change format. Furthermore, offers benefits concerning the following aspects:

  • Possibility to combine it in monoblocks with linear or rotary capping machines
  • It can be supplied in the version with volumetric dosage syringes, ideal for very dense products, flow meters and mass dosers

Which are the customizations?

To meet the need of each company, Rejves produces customized linear filling machines based on customer format. To fully satisfy the various production requirements, it can also be equipped with additional format changes, and other accessories such as the collection tray around the base, stainless steel electrical panel, etc. The choice of filling technology (syringes, flow meters or mass) is made based on the type of product that the customer must fill. Moreover, the machine can be supplied with IQ / OQ / PQ validation for the pharmaceutical sector and CFR21 Part 11. Finally, is available in three different versions:

  • CL: with screwfor containers having special geometrical shapes
  • CA: with mechanical blocksfor stable containers
  • BM: with movable desk for nozzles on the x axis (it follows the bottle during transport)

The spare parts offered for this model

At the time of delivery, Rejves provides to deliver each customer a user and maintenance manual with an extensive list of spare parts for the linear filling machines. On request at the delivery moment, instead, it is possible to obtain a recommended spare parts kit.