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Linear monoblocks filling and capping

A machine designed for capping of pre-threaded caps, snap-on caps, flip-top, dispenser and trigger

The high trained Rejves staff can supply linear monoblocks for filling and capping, suitable to fill liquid and viscous products in plastic or glass bottles, for production speeds up to 100 BPM and to cap pre-threaded caps, snap-on caps, flip-top, dispenser and trigger.

Linear monoblocks filling and capping

Technical data


  • 6 dosing cylinders in stainless steel AISI 316 L and seals made with FDA approved material
  • 6 nozzles with closing pneumatic system
  • Connections with CLAMP coupling
  • 50 liters product unloading hopper made of stainless steel AISI 316 L


  • 1 capping head with adjustable loading spring and ejection cylinder
  • Pick & Place system with pneumatic gripper and transfer on slide
  • Vibrating caps chute to maintain the caps oriented


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Why purchasing it?

Taking care of all production phases and choosing the best raw materials, Rejves offers a high-performance machine for filling and capping. In particular, the model proposed is a simpler machine, which allows a smaller economic investment. It is recommended for liquid with low and high viscosity and for those companies that work at low-medium production speed.

What are the customizations available?

To meet customer’s needs, Rejves offers a wide range of customized filling and capping machines. In particular, you can request:

  • Customized changeparts for bottle and cap formats
  • Addition of Pressurization kit for the filling tank to fill products with viscosity higher than 15.000cps

In addition to the possibility of accessorizing it with CFR21 Part 11, it is also possible to request it in the version compatible with GMP standards and the possibility of IQ / OQ / PQ validation for cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies. Furthermore, in the linear version the filling can be done with pistons (for high viscous products), with flowmeters (for liquid products) and mass dosing devices for nonconductive liquid products (e.g. oil).

Which are the spare parts offered by Rejves?

In order to fully satisfy the needs of customers, Rejves offers all the spare parts needed to restore any worn parts of the machine. At the time of purchase, in fact, the company will recommend a kit of spare parts to the customers or, alternatively, it will be possible to identify the needed parts by consulting the spare parts list in the user and maintenance manual. Finally, in addition to this service, Rejves offers a one-year warranty on the machines.