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Up to 80 Bottles per Minute


Indexing Monoblocs are the perfect solution thanks to their flexibility and small dimensions. The Monobloc can be set to work with different stations capable to handle every kind of application. From filling to capping, from foil application to its sealing, the machine is scalable and tailored to handle your process with a seamless operation.



up to 80 BPM

Our indexing monoblocs come as you need them to be. In the cosmetic industry the primary filling technology choosen is with piston pumps managed either with pneumatics or servo motors. On the other hand, the filling can also be provided through flow meters, mass dosers or peristaltic pumps depending on your needs as, for example, small doses or foaming products. The capping section is usually provided with a single or multiple turrets, as for example when a cap and an overcap need to be applied one after the other. A dedicated enclosure can also be created in the monobloc for an operator to interact with the machine and the process in progress. Indexing monoblocs, maximum flexibility and minimum space.

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