Filling and capping solution for rapeseed oil

21 February 2022

Our filling and capping monoblock for rapeseed oil, MR-NW08-TM, is provided with 8 Net-Weight load cells and one capping head is specifically intended for large bottle volumes.

This solution is, actually, very well indicated for edible oil such as rapeseed, olive and sunflower oils.

Anyhow, other specific applications could be in the Food, Home Care and Chemicals sectors. Infact Net-Weight machines are the perfect solution for controlling your product giveaway and costs. The Monobloc has independently timed valves that are programmed by the filler's computer: precise amounts of liquid will flow by gravity into a container, stopping when a specific weight is reached.

In the video above you will appreciate the successful Factory Acceptance Test for a monoblock dedicate to the filling and capping of rapeseed oil.

Rejves Machinery is, as a matter of fact, developing and producing some of the most performing net weight filling machines and monoblocks on the market.

While volume changes with variables like temperature and barometric pressure, net weight remains constant. That is one of the advantages of filling by net weight. Net weight machines are the perfect solution for controlling your product giveaway and costs.

Each bottle is positioned into a filling station containing its own independent load cell. The filling valves fill with a laminar flow and without any spillage of product. The valves are located above the container and do not come in contact with the container during filling process. Rejves Machinery's Net Weight fillers reach an accuracy Sigma1 ± 1gr on 1.000gr, which is very important to save each drop of your product without any waste.

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