Capping Solutions for Hand Sanitizer?

29 April 2021

The steep ramp up of demand for hand sanitizer have found Rejves Machinery ready with a complete range of machines both for filling and capping.

Infact the capping of dispenser pumps, often used for hand sanitizers, is a very delicate procedure on which we have extensive experience as well as a remarkable client list who have choosen our solutions.

Rejves Machinery have developed both patented capping chucks, to achieve a perfect closure and the technology to allow our clients to face any possible product for speeds ranging from 45 to 233 bottles per minute.

As a matter of fact we can provide capping machines controlled with a mechanical system (available also for dispenser pump caps) as well as electronic controlled system and solutions in between.

Mechanical systems provide great reliability at a compelling price tag, on the other hand electronic systems provide the greatest flexibility and ease of use, unimmaginable just few years ago.

Walk-Through description of dispenser pump and screw cap capping machine

Not only we are able to cap your containers, but we can also fill them, providing different technologies like piston pumps, flow meters and net weight in both linear or rotary architecture. Our fillers, by the way, that can be manufactured as ATEX grade if necessary.

You can buy Rejves Machiney's systems worldwide, thanks to its extensive network of agents and distributors, as well as receiving technical support both online and on-site.

Please check our capping machines section and get in youch with for your tailored solution.

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